Piauí will donate 180 thousand 20 GB cell chips to students | Telecommunication

While the return to direct school does not happen, distance education continues as an alternative in some parts of the country. To make remote classes possible, the Piauí government signed an agreement with Claro and Vivo to distribute 180,000 4G internet chips to students from the state network. Students receive Claro chips to study at … Read more

Elon Musk overtakes Bill Gates to become the world’s second richest person | Business

Ranking of billionaires changing positions: Elon Musk overtook Bill Gates and became the second richest person in the world. Based on BloombergTesla CEO assets reached $ 127.9 billion on Monday (23). Meanwhile, the equity of the Microsoft founders is $ 127.7 billion. In 2020, Musk’s fortune grew the fastest of the 500 richest people in … Read more

YouTube will automatically add chapters to long videos | Internet

YouTube started using artificial intelligence to automatically create chapters in long videos. Available since May, the chapters help users find the passage they want, but today, it asks content creators to indicate the timing of each topic in the video description manually. Now the idea to make the job easier. YouTube videos with chapters (Image: … Read more

Facebook removes 140,000 posts with fake news in 2020 Elections | Internet

Facebook presented data on actions against fake news during the 2020 election. The company reported that, due to its violation of its anti-election interference policy, it removed 140,000 publications on its main platform. and on Instagram. According to the company, these publications may discourage voters from coming to vote at times of wrong voting. The … Read more

Amazon opens Nintendo store with Switch and games in Brazil | Game

Just in time for Black Friday 2020, Amazon Brazil to start selling directly Nintendo Switch and games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Sword / Shield Pokémon. Dashboard officially went live in the country in September only at Magazine Luiza, Submarino and Americanas. Nintendo Store … Read more