Government bids quoting Xiaomi phones and stick iPhones | Telecommunication

Operators TIM and Claro won the federal government’s bid for the provision of telecommunications services. Contracts to offer 4G data packages with a 20 GB concession, in addition to loaned smartphones – mention are by manufacturers Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Asus and Huawei. In fact, the contract does not allow the supply of the iPhone. Mi … Read more

Alexa customizes Alexa to Fiat Chrysler’s car | Artificial intelligence

THE Alexa Assistant already on many cars, but customized versions of the technology will soon reach the automotive sector, starting with Fiat Chrysler Car: The company has closed an agreement for approval Alexa custom assistant, solution presented by Amazon this Friday (15). Alexa Custom Assistant (image: spawn / Amazon) The name makes it clear that … Read more

Twitter hides Bolsonaro’s post about COVID-19 to consider it misleading | Internet

O Twitter heralded on Friday (15) a publication in it Jair Bolsonaro promote solutions that have no anti-scientific evidence COVID-19, such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. The post was still aired, but with a warning that it contained “misleading and potentially harmful information regarding COVID-19”. Additionally, social media indicates that the link in the tweet may … Read more

Nvidia considers producing video cards for cryptocurrency mining | Finance

Nvidia’s CFO, Colette Kress, said during JP Morgan’s 19th Annual Meeting that the company is likely to be ready to continue making GPUs for crypto mining purposes. The executive explained that if there was evidence of substantial demand for this type of hardware, the manufacturer could ease the growing pressure on the RTX 3000 series’ … Read more

WhatsApp delays new privacy policy after criticism | Application and software

These are difficult times for Whatsapp. After all the controversy surrounding its new privacy policy and after twice publicly clarifying the changes – especially about sharing data with Facebook – the company decided to postpone the deadline. for the terms to take effect. WhatsApp (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog) The statement was made on Friday … Read more

Apple Prepares Foldable iPhone and Touch ID Under the Screen | Mobile phone

Firstly Foldable iPhone are on the horizon of possibilitiesappleBut it will still take time to arrive, according to recent information due Bloomberg. A new report indicates that the company is working on a smartphone with a flexible display, which corroborates rumors that spread in the media last year. However, the launch forecast is still unknown. … Read more