Uber’s Test Proposal Proposed Race Based On In-App History | Application and software

The Uber app might have a feature that helps you get started moving faster. The idea is to propose race destinations based on the user’s history on the platform and, therefore, distributed with the need to enter addresses. With this solution, the service’s main screen will present locations such as home or work and provide detailed information on the estimated price and time for the route.

The information was revealed by developer Jane Manchun Wong, who regularly updates app news. On her Twitter profile, she shared pictures showing the solution is still under development. The suggestions will appear below the field opposite the destination. In addition to the addresses, the app will also highlight the recommended category (UberX, for example).

THE Tecnoblog Contacted Uber to see if there was a forecast for when the feature would be released, but it didn’t return until the text was published. If it becomes official, the option would be another change on the home screen of the app, which recently added options like Uber Promo, cheaper non-peak rides and Uber Taxi. .

Uber is piloting a car rental service in the UK

In addition to changes to its app, Uber also offers new services. In the UK, the platform has already started testing Uber Rent, an option for users to rent a car through the app. The company already has partnerships with companies for motorists on a car rental platform, but the idea of ​​a new rental service is to replace passengers.

The tests in the UK are expected to help those who need a car for long trips. The service is provided in partnership with CarTrawler, a rental company with hundreds of units across the country, and allows users to pick up and drop off vehicles in different cities.

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