Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S specifications on video | Game

This Tuesday (8) is on fire for Xbox fans. After Monday night leaks where photos, videos, and prices of the most economical version of the new console were shown, Microsoft had no choice but to make things official immediately. ie. First is the price ($ 299) and now the trailer with the specs.

Xbox Series S

The trailer video (below) is identical to the one seen in the @WalkingCat account on Twitter, often leaking almost always accurate details from Microsoft. You can immediately see that, despite being a cleaner version of the Series X, the Series S promises good performance at a much more affordable price point, which could make this version very common.

The trailer shows the S Series supporting 1440p resolutions, up to 120 fps, and upscaling to 4K in games. The video game will come with ray tracing (for more realistic lighting and shadows) and variable refresh rates.

The video also reveals that the S Series will load very quickly, thanks to the use of a custom SSD for the Xbox, and swapping between games also without bottlenecks (according to Microsoft). Remember that Series S is not compatible with discs.

Thanks to its more compact appearance and 60% smaller than the Series X, this panel has received interesting nicknames, such as the stack speaker and radio. In principle, it will be sold in all white and with a black circle on one side (possibly for cooling).

Xbox Series S will launch on November 10, 2020 alongside Series X, which can be priced at $ 499.

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