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THE Wing LG is yet to be released, but has appeared in another video, this time showing the rotating screen in action. Mobile phone, will have two screens and its name identified by LG This Sunday (6) is expected to be shown by Korean producers next week.

LG Wing (Image: Playback / ETNews)

The video is short, only 9 seconds, and shows “open” and “close” cell phone images. In the pictures, it is possible to see the connected smartphone and how the screen rotation mechanism works. The video also shows the sides and bottom of the phone where the USB-C port and audio output are located.

However, this is not the first time the LG Wing has appeared before its launch. Without revealing much details, the smartphone appeared in a video released in late August with the map application open on one screen while the other showing the controls. music and call notification while browsing the web.

LG Wing will be announced in September

LG confirmed the name of its rotating screen phone on Sunday (6): LG Wing. The smartphone, which will be part of the Explorer Project mobile category, will be announced with two screens stacked, one 6.8-inch main and 4-inch secondary, in 1: aspect ratio. 1 (square).

There is still not much information about the specifications of the phone. According to the Android Authority, it is expected that the LG Wing will bring either the Snapdragon 765 or the Snapdragon 765G processor in its technical profile, both from Qualcomm.

LG Wing will be released by the manufacturer on September 14, 2020.

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