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THE Google announced on Tuesday (8) a function of verify call for Google phone (called Phone in Brazil), a calling app available on Pixel phones and apps integrated into the Android One program, for example.

Google phone - call verification

The idea is to allow users to quickly identify which company is calling their phone. For this, the app displays the company name, logo, phone number and the reason for making the call as well as a verification stamp confirming that the call was actually made by the specified company.

If you regularly get calls from telemarketers or payment companies looking for strangers, you can imagine that verified calls are helpful for limiting this type of spam. And they are. But it goes further.

Since this feature helps Google Phone notify the reason for the call, it is easy for users to determine the actual call that needs to be answered. Google offers an example: a call from a bank announcing a possible fraudulent transaction.

This feature has been tested for a while, and in the first results, Google realized that the information displayed increases the chances of the call being answered, which can benefit the company itself.

Pudera: The amount of spam we receive today is so great that the standard behavior of many people simply rejects calls from unknown numbers. Knowing the origin and the reason for the connection, this care doesn’t have to be too serious.

Google phone - call verification

Unfortunately, this is the kind of feature that can’t be implemented overnight, because after all, Google needs to set up a database to track calls in each market in which it operates. The good news is that this role is gradually being shown in countries like the United States, Mexico, Spain, India and Brazil.

As stated, the Google Phone app (Phone) available on Pixel phones, as well as phones connected with the Android One program. according to Google, the tool will be released for more devices starting this week.

One interesting detail is that call verification isn’t the only feature available on the app: Google has also prepared a call recording function.

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