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Apple filed a lawsuit claiming damages from Epic Games for violating the App Store rules, when the developer opened a payment link in Fortnite that didn’t go past the store’s fare and that triggered a soap play full of intrigue and accusations.

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The lawsuit came the day after Epic Games went to court for Fortnite may return to the App Store, claiming that deleting the game from Apple’s official game and app store could result in irreversible damage to the company. In Tuesday’s lawsuit, Apple said that Epic’s lawsuit “was nothing more than a disagreement over money”.

“Epic’s blatant disregard for contractual commitments and other acts has caused significant damage to Apple. If nothing is done, Epic’s behavior threatens the existence of the iOS ecosystem and its immense value to consumers, ”he added.

The company also commented that the actions were taken (for elimination Fortnite Access of the App Store and Epic to develop on its platform) is legitimate and justified in business. The purpose of this section is to ensure that charges of violating antitrust laws that Epic Games used against Apple in another lawsuit will not form.

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This war started when Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, added a form of in-game coin payment (V-Bucks) that does not go through Apple, and so Epic does not need to pay a 30% fee for every transaction that takes place on the platform. This attitude goes against the App Store contract, resulting in the game being removed from the store – and even released on the Android Play Store.

While Google only removed the link from its official store, which still allows external settings, Apple has even removed access to the development tools Epic needs to be able to launch its game on iOS. and macOS. All of this happened in the first half of August and so far some court fights are still going on, with a hearing scheduled for this month 28.

With information: The Verge and MacRumors.

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