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Last year, Apple, Google and Amazon announced their project to enable open source communication protocol for smart home devices. Now, the tech giants, in partnership with the Zigbee Alliance (including Samsung, Ikea and Philips), have revealed the first information about the new standard – a project called “House Connected over IP”. – currently in development and scheduled to launch in 2021.

Connectors / Sebastian Scholz / Unsplash

The new protocol will support a large number of smart devices – from lighting devices to access controls, such as locks, security sensors, TVs and even curtains.

To date, there are 145 member companies, with hundreds of experts already working on the project, divided into 30 multidisciplinary teams to implement the new standard.

Recently, an open source repository was created on GitHub to speed up the technology’s development and integrate more devices into the project, which will bring a number of benefits to users and manufacturers. export in the coming years.

The idea is that the new protocol-based electronics will work with any ecosystem – perhaps using the Amazon assistant to control Google hardware. In this way, companies aim to facilitate and make a connected home experience more natural, providing a secure and easy-to-use connection.

According to the team, existing technologies, such as Apple HomeKit, should be used to build new standards. It is expected that by 2020 we will have some more details and a possible outline of the protocol.

With information: MacRumors

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