Super Mario Bros. Clones 3 is the most expensive game ever sold Game

The most expensive game in history is now Super Mario Bros. 3, Classic Nintendo. At least one copy of the seal was sold in an auction last week, Nov. 20, for no less than $ 156,000, or about $ 850,000, at current dollar rates.

Super Mario Bros.  3: Most Expensive Game in History (Image: Heritage Auction / Disclosure)

Super Mario Bros. 3: Most Expensive Game in History (Image: Heritage Auction / Disclosure)

Offers start at R $ 62k and according to the website The Verge, Twenty participants took part in the negotiation, promoted by the Heritage Auctions auction house, in the United States.

Also according to this organization, this price is given for two very specific reasons: the first is due to the box design, is in rare goods and has the words “Bros.” is formatted differently – usually it’s more central, in this version it’s on the left.

Another detail is that the game received a conservative score of 9.2 A +, which is considered one of the highest points ever awarded by the organization.

In addition to Super Mario Bros. 3, a copy of Pokémon Red it also sold for $ 84 in the same auction, sealed off, making it the most expensive Pokémon game in history. However, there are no details about what is preserved or what caused this unit to be sold at such a high price.

Expensive game

Auctions for rare, closed, and expensive games are not uncommon in the US. Himself Super Mario Bros.The original, original and part of Nintendo’s series of the same name, went on sale for $ 114,000 in July this year, at the same auction house.

American collectors are often involved, but usually people from other parts of the world also try to get it done. However, the identities of the auction winners remain.

With information: The Verge.

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