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Red Dead online will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 1, is also compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S. Games are part of Red Dead Redemption 2But you won’t need the entire game to function. However, the download will be paid.

Red Dead Online will be sold for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Image: Rockstar / Disclosure)

Red Dead Online will be sold for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Image: Rockstar / Disclosure)

For a limited time, until February 15, 2021, players will be able to purchase Red Dead online on these platforms for US $ 5 or the equivalent in Brazilian stores where it will be available.

This represents a provisional discount of 75% and will be more expensive after Feb. 15. The game will take up 123GB of drive space on all consoles and on PCs, so be ready to Download long.

In addition, buyers will also have the option of unlocking the story mode Red Dead Redemption 2, will be sold separately, also at a lower price to buyers Red Dead online.

Red Dead online

For those who don’t know, Red Dead online is purely multiplayer mode Red Dead Redemption 2. It allows you to create a new character and start your career in the Wild West, solving various quests.

The title follows the same structure and gameplay related to “Brother Game”, but has different content.

Rockstar hopes to roll out the Bounty Hunters expansion soon, bringing news to those who like adventure into American lands at the time.

As in GTA online, all updates are free, but there are purchase options available between items and playtime.

With information: Rock star.

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