Claro and TIM accept Pix to pay invoices via QR Code | Telecommunication

Phone operators sure and HEART were the first to accept Pix for QR Code invoice payments. With the novelty, customers of these companies will be able to use the new instantaneous payment system to pay their fees more easily, with no time limit, any day of the week.

Pix (Photo: Disclosure / Central Bank)

Pix (Photo: Disclosure / Central Bank)

With Pix, individuals will be able to make transactions for free. Also, in the event of an account overdue, debit confirmation takes place immediately, allowing the release of blocked services in minutes.

According to Claro, the first bill payment using Pix was made on November 19 – the company made it available for postpaid and control plans (mobile phones) and for residential services. home, such as broadband Internet and TV. by registering.

Claro shop

Claro Shop (Image: Reveal / Claro)

In addition to barcodes, an operator has implemented a QR Pix Code on its invoice (physical or digital). This change takes place first in Greater São Paulo, but will reach other parts of the country starting this month.

In return, TIM will provide the ability to pay via Pix to postpayment customers and control, in invoices due from December 10th. The company will provide this functionality through the MEU app. HEART.

Operators offer bonuses for promoting financial services

Claro also intends to encourage the use of its new payment system, Claro Pay, to reach all of its customers by January 2021, benefiting those who use the app for payments. invoices via Pix. However, the operator still has not detailed information about the incentives for users.

TIM has a positive bonus for people making payments via Pix through the C6 Banking app: in the control package, users can earn a 4GB bonus; on TIM Black they are 5 GB; and TIM Black Família, 10 GB.

c6 bank has mei account

C6 Application Bank (Image: Disclosure / C6 Bank)

However, it is worth emphasizing that it is possible to make payments through banks or fintech apps that already support the new payment method. To do this, simply visit the Pix area in your favorite app and choose to scan the QR Code.

Pix is ​​expected to accelerate the transition from payments to digital in the coming years, reducing costs and helping to become sustainable by avoiding the consumption of paper and other natural resources. .

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