Banco Inter says it will support Apple Pay | Finance

Banco Inter has updated its app for iOS, and there are signs that Apple Pay support is about to become a reality. Announced on Saturday (21), version 9.1 has changes like sharing options and offers, in addition to the ability to choose to add a credit line instead of a refund. Among the novelties, there is a discreet change, but that raises user expectations: the app is now Wallet-compatible.

Banco Inter (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

Banco Inter (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

Wallet is an app to save on credit and debit cards, as well as documents like boarding passes and tickets. As MacMagazineWhen a banking app is Wallet-compatible, there’s a strong indication it will support Apple Pay. So that’s with the Next app, which becomes Wallet compatible in June, and gets support for Apple Pay in August.

If Inter does announce its app support for Apple Pay, the bank will join Banco do Brasil, Bradesco (Next’s owner), Ita├║ and Porto Seguro, which also provide the service to its customers. surname.

Banco Inter supports Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Expectations for Inter for Apple Pay rose just over a month after the financial institution’s application became supported for Google Pay. With this feature, customers with Android phones can pay with their credit and debit cards in NFC devices.

In the case of Samsung Pay, support for the Inter app has been around since 2017. In addition to NFC, the Samsung service can simulate the magnetic stripe of the card on select mobile phones and smartwatches to perform payment on POS (MST) Secure).

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