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THE Amazon is intended to make it difficult for the lives of pirated streaming services. The company recently patented a method for adding user-identifying information to content that users view – visible or not. This way, the company can easily spot where its movies, series and TV shows are leaked from.

Amazon Prime Video (Image: Glenn Carstens Peters / Unsplash)

Amazon Prime Video (Image: Glenn Carstens Peters / Unsplash)

The patented technique “encoding identifiers in personalized manifest data” must implement a type of watermark with a unique ID for each subscriber.

User identification may not be conspicuous

When playing content, the technology must generate personalized manifest data (i.e. a file with essential information about the content) based on the identifier of the subscriber in question – the information to be played by the player. read and decoded by the media server.

For example, if a subscriber shoots a video with a camera, the asset will still have a sample of identifying information in at least some of its segments, referring to the original subscriber.

Amazon's patent shows anti-piracy technique (Image: Reproduction)

Amazon’s patent shows anti-piracy technique (Image: Reproduction)

The patent states that the code is visible to the user or possibly imperceptible, which tends to make it difficult to remove. Amazon explains: “Not only does it make it difficult for content intruders to detect, alter, remove, or defeat the overlay, but also ensure that the quality of video content marked with version identifiers is not impaired. significantly reduced ”.

By adding identifiers to the manifest, the Amazon solution aims to make it easier to apply the individual technique. In addition, in addition to the subscriber’s name, this method will also allow the pirates to geographically reconstruct signals from live broadcasts, such as the Super Bowl.

Amazon hasn’t made it clear yet whether the technology is already being used on its streaming platform. It is therefore still pending developments to see if this approach is effective in curbing piracy (and if other companies or organizations intend to adopt it).

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