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In the end, it happened. After a lot of rumors, Samsung announced the arrival of the S Pen stylus for the Galaxy S series – more specifically the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the more powerful model of the brand’s new high-end smartphone lineup. But not everything is a flower for those who love the famous electronic pen. In addition to being sold separately, the accessory has some usage restrictions compared to the Galaxy Note series.

S Pen and S Pen Pro

S Pen and S Pen Pro (Image: Playback / Samsung)

What you can do with the S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Basically, you can use the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s S Pen stylus to take notes and draw with great precision, as well as greater control for video framing and spreadsheet manipulation on the 6.8 screen. giant inch.

Samsung pointed out on its sales page that the pen has a low latency, but did not elaborate on the feature. To give you an idea, the manufacturer pointed out that, last year, the Galaxy Note 20 pen was down 80% from the Note 10, offering 9 milliseconds (milliseconds) lag.

The brand also promises a “natural writing experience” with 4096 pressure levels and a 0.7 mm pen tip. The side button is still present, allowing a series of keyboard shortcuts to be activated for editing text, translating text, and capturing screenshots.

S Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra

S Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image: Press release / Samsung)

And what can’t?

If you’re a Note user and are used to gestures that let you switch slides, take a photo remotely, or change music without even touching your phone, I have some sad news …

None of these functions are supported on the S21 Ultra with the S Pen announced on Thursday – it has no Bluetooth.

The absence of this feature raises a question that we must consider: you don’t have to fill the pen, it is passive. Hence, even the S21 Ultra case that comes with the S Pen stylus doesn’t play this role, even if you buy the Note 20 pen.

In the Note series, the S Pen gets recharged when you insert it into a dedicated slot built into the smartphone – this compartment doesn’t exist in the Galaxy S model. You also won’t be able to track the pen if you detach it. out of the device – more enthusiastic.

The S Pen Pro promises to offer more integration

The good news is that a solution that offers more integration (and Bluetooth support) is on the way. It’s not clear why Samsung didn’t launch the S Pen Pro right next to the S21 Ultra, but it was shortly announced the Galaxy Unpacked 2021, and is expected to launch later this year. – Who knows, this might not happen with the launch of foldable smartphones, right?

How much does the S Pen cost for the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

Samsung has yet to announce the prices of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and its accessories in Brazil. But overseas, the new smartphone-specific S Pen is now available to order for $ 40. This is the same price charged overseas for a Bluetooth Note 20 pen, which in Brazil costs US $ 299.

S Pen Covers for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Case with S Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image: Press release / Samsung)

You can also choose a case with an S Pen holder (included with the pen). In this case, the price is $ 70 for the most basic model, made of silicone, or $ 90 for the screen protector case, which includes a notification viewer, battery level, and the watch.


AS Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra has appeared on Samsung Brazil website, but the company has not yet opened the order phase – just register in advance for more information, will be announced soon.

The launch event of the S21 Ultra in the national market is scheduled on February 9.

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