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In the What we offer section you will find an overview of our working fields.

An project on design and development topics can include the following:

  • Technical drawings for manufacture and assembly.
  • Technical information and documentation for manufacturing with work instructions.

  • We can accept commitments for the development of new designs according to specific requirements of clients.

  • Construction and testing of prototypes, and their further shipping at the end of the project.

  • Consultancy and support for setting up your production and manufacturing facility, commencement of production, product development according to target market.

  • Training in other topics as evaluation of wind resource, sizing of wind systems and installation.


Some wind turbine design considerations could be the following ones:

  • Direct-Drive Neodymium Brushless Permanent Magnet Generators with NO COGGING.

  • Rotor blades can be manufactured by different processes as wood carving and technified methods as RTM (resin transfer moulding) and Pultrusion (in case of constant section blades).

  • Orientation and safety system (furling tail, aerodynamic stall regulation, passive blade pitch control).

  • Free maintenance bearings on vertical shaft allow a smooth orientation of the turbines.

  • Slip rings to avoid cable twist.

  • Tubular tilt up tower design or others.

  • Electronic controllers according application type: battery charging, water pumping.

  • For battery charging applications, contollers could be hybrid with power inputs for a wind turbine and a solar PV array. Commercial options of charge controllers can be used too.

Our permanent magnet alternator designs are axial flux type, the advantage of this configuration is that coil windings have no cores. This eliminates typical cogging that appears in the generator start-up, between magnets from the rotor and metal cores from the stator. This occurs mainly in radial flux PMGs.



A wind turbine rotor coupled to an axial flux PMG with no cores, could easily start to rotate and achieve the cut-in wind speed to begin electricity production. A low cut-in wind speed could be part of wind turbine design considerations.

Wind turbines can be designed to have a good performance under low and moderated winds, with a wide range of applications as:

  • Battery charging for stand alone or off grid applications.
  • Grid connection.
  • Water pumping.
  • Heating.



Wind turbine, PMGs units constructed as part of the activities of a project, are further shipped at the end of the project.


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