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Sizing Studies of Renewable Energy Systems
We have performed sizing studies of wind, solar and solar-wind hybrid power systems, among others, according to available resources of a site of interest. Sizing studies included recommendations of commercial alternatives of components of RE systems available on the market, in order to allow the client to do a further implementation.
Wind Park Projects
The development of Wind Farm projects depends on technical activities as selecting adequate sites and securing land among others. We have performed project activities as: site prospecting, identification of site wind potential and land legal status, contact of landowners and negotiation, assistance on technical and legal procedures and concession requests, wind resource evaluation.

We have worked on these activities for international developers of Wind Farms.

Wind Resource Assessment Study
This Study was done in order to determine the feasibility of partial wind powering of a Production Plant of a fishing company located at Pisco, department of Ica. Activities included wind measurements and further statistical data treatment (Weibull distribution).
Installation of Wind Electric Pumping Systems
Installation of Wind Electric Water Pumping Systems at Samaca Farm, a rural zone of Ica. Each system inlcuded a 1kW wind turbine, a submersible electric pump, tower, accessories and controllers.
Installation of a Wind Turbine 200 in Lima, Peru                                   Details
A Wind Turbine 200 unit was installed at an industrial training center in Lima, in order to supply energy to an ecological cabin. This project is being implemented with alternative energies sources as solar, wind and hydro.
Development of Wind Turbine - USA                                                        Details
A small wind turbine for battery charging was developed, according with specific requirements of the client, for a company from USA dedicated to the installation of small wind and solar systems.
Training Workshop and WT 200 installation - Lima, Peru                   Details
As part of this project, took place a theoretical and practical course for teachers of an industrial training center, and included the installation of a Wind Turbine 200.

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